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Nature Vedic Arabica Coffee Mask

Nature Vedic Arabica Coffee Mask is enriched with Coffee Extract derived from the coffee fields of the southern part of India, which energizes the skin and provides radiance. Coffee Extract gives a calming effect on the skin and also helps to reduce the visibility of Dark Circles on the skin. It also includes Palmaria Palmata (Red Algae)  Extract who is an innovative de-pigmentation active which gives the skin a luminous and ultra refined complexion.                         


Directions to use: Apply the Nature Vedic Arabic Coffee Mask in a thin, even layer around your entire face and neck area. Be careful to avoid your eyes and lips. Wait for 10-15 minutes, till the pack is dry. Rinse with warm, not hot water. Use a wash cloth or towel for easier removal.

IngredientsDM water, Kaolin Zinc Oxide, Ceto-Stearyl Alcohol, Light liquid Parafiin, Glyercyl Mono Stearate, Emulsifying wax, Cetomacrogol Wax, Scrub Grits, Gylcerin, Kaolin, Zinc Oxide, Coffee Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Triethylene Gycol, Titanium DI Oxide, Fragrance, DMDM Hyantoin, PEG-40 Hydrogrnated Castor Oil

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