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Flame -o-fast pain oil

Nature Vedic Flame-O-Fast Pain Relief Oil 100 ML

Nature Vedic Flame-O-Fast Pain Relief Oil is contains special ayurvedic formula that cures joint pains, arthritis & stiffness.

This ayurvedic pain oil promotes faster healing in aches and provides relief in rheumatism, inflammatory joint & muscle conditions.

Flame-O-Fast Pain oil soothes and promotes faster healing in sports injuries.


Instruction to use: Gentle massage on affected parts twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Useful In: Store Arthritis, Joint Pain, Muscular Pain & Swelling

Ingredients: Mahanarayan Oil, Linseed Oil, Garlic Oil, Nilgiri Oil, Malkangni Oil, Camphor Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Nirgundi Oil


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