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Ayurvedic pain relief cream - Jasloc AV pain relief ortho cream gives quick and easy muscle relief. Helps to relieve swelling & inflammation. Treating back pain, rheumatic pain & joint pain. Jasloc - AV Cream suits all skin types.

Nature Vedic Jasloc-AV Cream

  • Quick & easy muscle relief

  • Helps to relieve swelling & inflammation

  • Treating back pain, rheumatic pain & joint pain

  • Suitable for all skin type


Directions for use: Please consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits the condition.

Ingredients: Nirgundi, Rasna, Punarnava, Devdaru, Ajwain, Karpura, Sat puudina, Gandhpura Tel, Tarpin Tel, Alsi Tel, Nilgiri Tel

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